TWENTY89TEEN students exists to create

Disciples who make Disciples

Through large group environments, we want to students to encounter the God in a relevant way.   Open to all and a place where guests will be most welcome.   Worship, Speaking, Creativity and most of all High Energy.  



Large group encounters start back January 13, and will take place the the Wednesday night of each month at 6:30pm.


We want students who encounter God to move into a small group environment to Grow in Christ.  Groups are for students who want to move past an encounter and into a relationship with God. We currently meet at 7 pm on Sundays in the Worship Center.

Wednesday Night Small groups at 7PM

Sunday Morning Bible Study 9:15AM

If our goal is to create Disciples that make Disciples then serve is where they put their faith into action.  Through local and foreign missions, serving in our Church and community, students will have the opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus on a regular basis. The launching point of Serve will be in the Grow Groups.  Our desire is that one meeting time a month, each group will go out and Serve the world that we live in.

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